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House Of Quirks is a bespoke interior design studio based in Mumbai. Offering all aspects of interior design & interior decoration; specialising in residential and commercial spaces.


We approach our interior projects with optimism and a clean slate; seeing it as an opportunity to break the mould and do something unique. Our multi-disciplined and talented team share a passion for design and like to think a little differently. So you can be sure we are striving to give you the best result.

A critical part of the process is ensuring that our amazing ideas actually work in your space. Spatial planning is the key, and that’s something we do really well. So, whether we’re updating a space or creating something from nothing, we make sure our designs work functionally and aesthetically. 

We curate objects and art to reflect your personality, and to make your interiors look uber chic; worthy of a party, or just invite your friends over to gloat!


Have your space tell your story!!

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